Our Services

Artist Management

Business and personal management

Brand partnerships and new business ventures

Bookings & Touring


Sync and licensing

Building intelligence and keeping up to date with global best practices

Label Services

Marketing & Insights

DSP (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and etc) Pitching and Playlist Placement

Digital & Social Media Strategy

Radio Plugging


A&R Administration



Digital Marketing

Our marketing ecosystem is build to provide artists with unprecedented success in;

Streaming and playlisting

Content creation

Viral campaigns

Data sourcing, analysing and report packaging

Live Production & Promotion

Conceptualising, building and managing live event properties

Stage, lighting and production design

Conceptualising, producing and managing artists’ tours, concerts and festivals

Brand Partnerships

A team of music and brand experts, specialised in cultural marketing to deliver business-effective
solutions to brands.

Help brands engage and create meaningful connections with their audience by leveraging the power of entertainment, content and experiential marketing

We work with brand looking for an authentic voice in culture and create unique partnership to help artists become brands’ voices, tell stories in new and authentic ways that connect with fans.

We help monetize artist brands and add an additional revenue stream to artists’ bottom line.